Organise your collection of Plasmids and Strains

By Researchers, for Researchers

Genestorian is developed and used in the group of Jürg Bähler at UCL

Track Plasmid Lineage

Keep track of all cloning operations of plasmids up to their entry point into your collection

Track Strain Lineage

Keep track of genetic modifications and mating of all your strains.

Know the origin of every sequence

Genestorian generates the sequences of new alleles and plasmids in silico from existing sequences in your local collection or sequences retrieved from genome databases.

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Browse your collection

Easily find all the strains that contain a certain allele, the resources used to create an allele, and much more. Export this information to share it with others or for publication.

See a prototype of this feature

A work in progress

Genestorian is at a very early stage of development, but you can already:

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