Thanks for taking the time to come here! As a first step towards the development of Genestorian, we are developing ShareYourCloning, a web application to generate molecular cloning strategies and share them with others. You can contribute to the project in many ways:

  • 🧬 As a researcher (potential user) you can provide feedback on the usability of the tools, ask for new features, or simply share how you think they could be integrated into your workflow.

  • 💻 As a developer you can jump right into the code! Check the issues in the in the main, backend or frontend repos.

  • 💻+🧬 As a researcher with some programming knowledge you came to the right place! ShareYourCloning was started as a side project of a researcher, and you can use it as a way to get started with contributing to Open Source. Even if you have no experience in web, you can still make important contributions to the project.

You can visit the contribution guidelines in the repository. If the project excites you, you want to contribute in some way, but you do not see how, please do get in touch through telling something about you, and if you have some ideas for the project.